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Passengers 'slept in Gatwick Airport'

Passengers 'slept in Gatwick Airport'Passengers flying from Gatwick Airport yesterday (January 6th) may have wished they had booked into a Gatwick Airport hotel after some 400 flights were cancelled.

Freezing temperatures and snow led to many airlines suspending services at the travel hub and many passengers were forced to sleep in the airport.

"There has been significant disruption to inbound and outbound flights and passengers are advised to contact their airline for the latest flight information," noted a statement from Gatwick Airport.

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Gatwick Airport closed due to snow

Gatwick Airport closed due to snowGatwick Airport is one of the latest terminals to have closed runways due to today's (January 6th) blanket of snow to have fallen on the UK.

Other busy travel hubs such as Luton Airport and Birmingham Airport are also reporting cancellations and delays on flights because of the weather.

In light of the travel chaos taking place across Britain and with the extra security measures taking place in airports, the Daily Mail has offered some advice to passengers.

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UK airport snow and travel update

UK airport snow and travel updateFlights departing from Manchester Airport and Liverpool Airport in the north-west were cancelled this morning (January 5th) and heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures have been causing travel chaos for many travellers in the UK.

Further blankets of snow are expected to cover central and southern England as well as south-eastern areas of Wales over the next 24 hours.

"Bitterly cold and wintry weather is forecast to continue for the next couple of weeks with further snowfall expected at times," the Met Office has reported.

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Airport 'pat-downs' causes delays for passengers

Airport 'pat-downs' causes delays for passengersThere have been a number of delays at UK airports as security is stepped up following a bomb attack on a plane in the US.

Passengers are now being patted down in addition to being X-rayed and having their luggage scanned.

This comes after the alleged bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, hid explosive materials within a condom strapped to his thigh.

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Gatwick Airport gives Christmas travellers tips

Gatwick Airport gives Christmas travellers tipsPassengers travelling from Gatwick Airport this Christmas have been given some tips by airport officials.

Stewart Wingate, chief executive at Gatwick Airport, remarked that if passengers were well prepared, they could avoid unnecessary delays.

He advised people to leave extra time when setting off to travel to the airport - suggesting they get there two hours before take-off.

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Flight delays 'expected' due to snow

Flight delays 'expected' due to snowHeavy snowfall and severe weather conditions across the UK may cause flight delays and disruptions to services.

Passengers travelling from British airports should contact their airline to find out the latest flight information before leaving home, officials from Gatwick Airport have said.

The wintry weather caused all flights from Manchester Airport to be grounded for an hour and a half over the weekend while snow was cleared.

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