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European destinations offer great self-catering deals

European destinations offer great self-catering dealsThose looking for cheap Easter getaways should consider self-catering deals in Europe, alongside the usual money-saving tips like booking airport parking in advance.

Bob Atkinson, a travel expert from, identified self-catering in Europe as a way of getting very good value.

Mr Atkinson highlighted the ease and independence that self-catering options offer and indicated that Spain, Portugal, France and Greece were countries where it was a good idea.

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Boeing Dreamliner 'takes off on Twitter'

Boeing Dreamliner 'takes off on Twitter'Passengers could perhaps soon be taking a flight on the new wide-bodied Dreamliner from Boeing after it made a successful maiden voyage in December.

The new 787 wide liner will rival the Airbus A350 and has a commercial order record of 840.

For several hours after it took off on December 15th, it became more popular among internet search terms than the disgraced golfer Tiger Woods. It was also the fourth-most commonly talked about trend on micro-blogging site Twitter, The Big Money reported.

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Heathrow Airport warns US passengers to limit baggage

Heathrow Airport warns US passengers to limit baggagePassengers travelling to the US from Heathrow Airport have been advised to limit the amount of baggage that they are taking on board the aircraft.

The advice was issued in an attempt to keep delays to a minimum after enhanced security procedures were introduced last week.

It followed an alleged bomb attempt on a plane in the US by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

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Glasgow Airport announces £25m investment

Glasgow Airport announces £25m investmentPassengers travelling from Glasgow Airport will be guaranteed a better customer service when £25 million is injected into the hub.

In 2010 £12 million will be spent on projects that are designed to upgrade the airport's infrastructure, improve passenger's facilities and make access to the airport easier.

This will be followed by an investment of £13 million in 2011.

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Airport 'pat-downs' causes delays for passengers

Airport 'pat-downs' causes delays for passengersThere have been a number of delays at UK airports as security is stepped up following a bomb attack on a plane in the US.

Passengers are now being patted down in addition to being X-rayed and having their luggage scanned.

This comes after the alleged bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, hid explosive materials within a condom strapped to his thigh.

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Snow and ice causing travel disruptions

Snow and ice causing travel disruptionsThe wintry weather and heavy snowfalls across much of the UK have caused travel chaos as people try to get to friends and family for the Christmas period.

Many roads have been closed and trains and flights cancelled due to the icy conditions.

Passengers due to fly using a UK airport have been advised by individual travel hubs to contact their airline and check their flights before they set off from home.

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