New Monopoly Game to Include Heathrow and Gatwick Airport

New Monopoly Game to Include Heathrow and Gatwick Airport

Over the past 70 years Monopoly has taught us how to speculate and accumulate assets. Players can purchase property starting with Old Kent road to the excess of Park Lane and Mayfair. The creators of monopoly now offer customers the opportunity to custom design their board games to suit the individual preferences. 

For example the FHR – Flight and Hotel Reservations board game could include Heathrow and Gatwick airport hotels such as the Ramada Heathrow, Copthorne and Effingham Park Hotel near Gatwick airport. The utilities space could be switched with airport parking such as Cophall Farm airport parking near Gatwick.

Monopoly’s ability to allow its customers to custom design its products to include local regional location allows for a more for filling gaming experience. 

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