Euro cash machines at airports

Euro cash machines at airportsWith many UK shops already accepting payment in euros, several ATM operators have announced their intentions to introduce euro-dispensing machines near to airports and international rail terminals.

Tesco is to introduce four such ATMs in its stores in Kent, near to the Ashford International rail station and close to Gatwick Airport; in Derbyshire close to the East Midlands airport and in Altrincham, the Cheshire town close to Manchester Airport.

In addition, the Royal Bank of Scotland has confirmed that it is to trial euro-dispensing machines in a number of RBS and NatWest branches, the number and location of which were undisclosed, however.

Given that the majority of debit and credit card providers charge an average fee of £2.50 for cash withdrawals made abroad, the initiative is set to benefit both holidaymakers and business travellers and negate the need of paying commission through a bureau de change.

The news comes soon after the independent cash machine operator Bank Machine announced that it intends to roll out a number of broadband-enabled machines which allow customers to download music and games as well as to withdraw cash.

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