Stansted Airport to clamp down on smokers

Stansted Airport to clamp down on smokersStansted Airport has the power to issue fines to smokers caught lighting up on the premises under its own bylaws, the Cambridge Evening News reports.

From Sunday, the blanket smoking ban hits the UK, in what many flyers will perceive as a welcome move.

And smokers who try to flout the restrictions could be handed a fixed penalty notice of £30 if caught, which rises to £50 if it is not paid within 29 days and then soars to £200 if it is forced to court.

Dean Godfrey, operational solutions head for BAA Stansted, said: "We have been working hard over the last six months to ensure that everything is in place ready for the start of the smoking ban.

"We give high regard to our customers’ well-being, and the smoking ban will help to ensure that everyone using the airport does so in a cleaner and healthier environment."

The law permitting people not to smoke in public places comes into force at the weekend and Stansted Airport has provided flyers with designated smoking zones on the terminal forecourt.

Stansted Airport is the UK’s third largest and features an array of airport hotels and airport parking areas.

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