Heathrow to be linked to Channel Tunnel?

Heathrow to be linked to Channel Tunnel?Engineering experts have proposed that Heathrow Airport be linked to the national rail network and the Channel Tunnel, according to reports.

In a plan put forward by civil engineering consultants Arup, a station would be built on the Great Western main line in order to make the London airport accessible to the west, the south-west, Wales and the Midlands.

Joining the new station with the existing high speed line above King’s Cross-St Pancras would mean that passengers could travel directly between Heathrow and the Channel Tunnel by rail.

Mark Bostock, Arup director, said: "Looking to the future we could see travel times from Heathrow to Leeds and Manchester by rail reduced to less than two hours. Passengers travelling to Heathrow would be encouraged out of their cars and on to trains delivering environmental benefits."

If the proposals are accepted the new train station would be built 3.5km to the north of Heathrow and replace plans for a controversial sixth terminal, costing £7 billion.

Arup claim it can construct the new Heathrow Hub for under £10 billion with a scheduled opening date of 2017.

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