BA sets flight schedule at T5

BA sets flight schedule at T5BA has announced it will move the rest of its long-distance flights to Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in two stages, according to reports.

Around 30 daily departures will be transferred to Terminal 5 on 17 September followed by a further 15 by the end of October.

Long-haul flights are to be transferred from Terminal 4 including trips to New York, Beijing, Cairo and Cape Town.

Originally, the airline had planned to move most of its long-haul flights to the terminal by late April but the chaotic opening of Terminal 5 meant that plans had to be postponed.

Terminal 5 hit the headlines after a disastrous start in March which saw BA lose thousands of passengers’ baggage and cancel a large majority of its flights.

Heathrow Airport’s managing director Mark Bullock, the man who oversaw the opening of Terminal 5, stepped down earlier this month over the troubled opening, according to reports.

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