New York takes top spot in American tourism

New York takes top spot in American tourismNew York was the most popular destination in the US for international visitors last year, with a total of 7.6m holidaymakers jetting into the city, according to new figures.

The Big Apple attracted nearly three times as many visitors as its closest competitor, Los Angeles, which welcomed some 2.7 million tourists.

Figures from the US department of commerce showed that Miami and San Francisco were the next most popular destinations, with 2.3 million visitors each, reports the Associated Press.

These trends were replicated in the statistics relating to US states, with New York the most popular region, followed by California and Florida.

International visitors to the US contributed some $122 billion (£62.3 billion) to its economy through spending in 2007.

Tourism in New York is expected to continue growing over the coming years, with long-term targets of 50 million annual visitors, including domestic tourists, set to be achieved by 2012.

British travellers can catch flights to New York from a number of UK hubs, including Heathrow, Gatwick Airport, Manchester and Nottingham/East Midlands Airport.

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