Blackpool Airport to host air racing event

Blackpool Airport to host air racing eventPeople flying in to Blackpool Airport at the end of this month will be entertained by some aviation of a less commercial kind than that regularly seen at the gateway.

The Aero GP air racing event will take place on June 28th and 29th.

This occasion will see Blackpool join forces with the Aero GP operators for a competition that will take place over the sea along the North Shore beachfront.

Huge crowds of spectators are expected to gather at the location to watch the event as part of the National Veterans Day celebrations.

Blackpool Airport will provide Aero GP aircraft with the use of facilities and services available at one of its hangars.

Susan Kendrick, the airport’s communications manager, said: "This is the first ever Aero GP event in Britain and we are delighted that [it] will be coming to Blackpool in June.

"We are certain that there will be huge interest in the air racing events and hopefully their success will ensure it becomes an annual event. With an international airport on the doorstep, there couldn’t be a more ideal place than Blackpool to hold such an exciting event."

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