Heathrow to host NY wine promotions

Heathrow to host NY wine promotionsLondon Heathrow Airport will this summer be the location of a promotional campaign designed to raise awareness of the wine regions of New York.

Promotional company I Love New York is teaming up with Virgin Atlantic to offer 60 days of wine tasting to encourage people to visit locations such as the Fingerlakes, Long Island and the Hudson Valley.

People travelling through the Virgin Clubhouse at Heathrow will be able to sample wines for two months from June 22nd.

Lyndsey Sugden, head of marketing for the New York state tourism division, said: "This is an excellent opportunity to create an association between the very well respected Virgin brand and New York state, and also make travellers between London and New York aware of some of the superb wines and wine-related opportunities available in the state of New York."

The state of New York is North America’s second biggest wine producing region after California.

London Heathrow hosts flights to numerous destinations in the United States, including Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The Virgin Clubhouse is one of many airport lounges on offer at the London hub, which also offers plenty of hotels and airport parking facilities.

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