Paperless boarding trialled at UK airports

Paperless boarding trialled at UK airportsBmi has launched a trial of a new paperless boarding system, which allows passengers to check in for their flights online and have their boarding pass sent to their mobile phone or personal digital assistant.

The airline is testing the system on a limited number of routes – from Edinburgh and Manchester Airport to London Heathrow and from Belfast City to Heathrow.

If it proves successful, the new method of boarding flights could be rolled out across the airline’s network.

Bmi said that the service is part of its commitment to reducing the amount of time that travellers spend at the airport.

Managing director Peter Spencer said: "Bmi’s new paperless boarding system is a significant step forward and will offer customers the opportunity to bypass check-in processes at the airport.

"Customers who check in online can have a boarding pass delivered straight to their mobile phone allowing them to proceed straight to security or to bmi’s fast bag drop stations if they have luggage to check-in."

The airline also claimed that paperless boarding could help it maintain its status as one of the UK’s most punctual airlines.

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