First powered suitcase launched

First powered suitcase launchedTravellers have been offered a new and reportedly much easier luggage option to help them carry heavy suitcases through airports.

The Live Luggage power-assisted suitcase boasts a number of aspects designed to reduce the burden on people with heavy cases, including an ‘anti-gravity’ handle that distributes most of the weight of the load to the wheels.

These wheels are battery-powered, meaning they respond to increases in angles and difficult surfaces and help drive cases along.

According to Live Luggage, the technology can make a case weighing 30kg feel as if it weighs one tenth of that amount.

Company marketing manager Clive Hemsley said: "Wheelie cases were a great step forward, but they came out 25 years ago, and this is the first real innovation since then.

"Power assistance means no more struggling with heavy cases and no more neck, back or shoulder aches."

The only drawback to the motorised cases may be their price tag, which is around £700.

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