Waterfalls create new tourist attraction in New York

Waterfalls create new tourist attraction in New YorkHolidaymakers planning to jet off to New York this summer will be greeted by a brand new tourist attraction in the city – a set of four man-made waterfalls.

The outdoor installations, which measure an impressive 30 metres in height and between ten and 20 metres in width, are the work of Danish artist Olafur Eliasson.

They are situated on Governor’s Island, under the Brooklyn bridge and at two piers on the East River. These locations mean that visitors can see the waterfalls from both the Brooklyn and Manhattan sides of the river.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, speaking at the inauguration ceremony on June 27th, said the waterfalls were "an unbelievable sight".

Mr Eliasson told AFP that the installations were "about time and experiencing space".

He added: "Water has great potential to be both physical and very elusive, it can be many different things for many different people."

People travelling to New York, who can catch flights from Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and other airports, will be able to see the waterfalls until October 13th.

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