Holidaymakers offered packing guide

Holidaymakers offered packing guidePeople who see packing as one of the most bothersome aspects of a holiday have been offered a new guide to how to carry out the task as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Post Office published its online ‘perfect packing’ guide following a survey which found that 37 per cent of Brits admit to being messy, disorganised or over-zealous packers.

Nearly a quarter of respondents admitted to regularly packing too much and taking outfits for every occasion, while a contrasting seven per cent said they simply throw everything in and "hope for the best".

More than half of the people surveyed by the Post Office said they would consider packing less if it meant they could help the environment by reducing aircraft fuel consumption.

Fraser Russell of, who helped create the Post Office guide, claimed that packing "needn’t be the headache it always is" and can be quick, efficient and hassle-free.

The research unveiled a distinct gender gap where packing is concerned, with 31 per cent of women saying they do all the packing for themselves and their partners, compared to only three per cent of men.

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