Families offered money-saving tips

Families offered money-saving tipsPeople planning family holidays this summer have been offered a number of tips on how to keep their trips as affordable as possible.

At a time of rising consumer prices, it is becoming something of a challenge to keep down the cost of foreign trips, according to family holiday specialist Tots to Travel.

However, the company said there are a number of areas where people can save money, including airport parking choices, as some providers are cheaper than others.

Another important task for holidaymakers to carry out, according to Tots to Travel, is to plan ahead, particularly where passports are concerned, as leaving an application to the last minute can be expensive and stressful.

Efficient packing can also be a time-saving technique, as some things can be brought along which may be more expensive if purchased abroad.

Travellers should be aware of their airlines’ baggage weight limits, however, to ensure they are not charged unnecessarily.

It is also advisable to exchange foreign currency in advance in order to get the best rates.

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