Airports to assist disabled passengers

Airports to assist disabled passengersNew EU legislation will make life for disabled passengers easier from this Friday, it has been reported.

It will soon be the responsibility of airports to make sure that all disabled people are given the necessary help from arrival through to check in and then finally onto boarding.

A spokesman for Leonard Cheshire Disability said: “Disabled people are still facing barriers when using air travel, when they should enjoy the same opportunities that most of us take for granted."

Previously airlines were also responsible for the welfare of disabled passengers which led to confusion and inadequate care.

“We want to see air travel providers take this new directive seriously and equip their staff with the skills and understanding to support disabled customers. They need to ensure that disabled air travellers are satisfied with the journeys and feel confident to fly again,” added the spokesman.

Research by the Leonard Cheshire Disability revealed that 75 per cent of disabled passengers said airline and airport staff did not know how to assist them.

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