Record breaking model lands at Heathrow

Record breaking model lands at HeathrowHeathrow Airport has unveiled the world’s biggest aircraft model which will welcome passengers on their arrival, according to reports.

A giant replica of the Emirates Airbus A380 jumbo jet has flown into the record books and taken its place on the newly Emirates Roundabout at the front of Heathrow Airport.

At a massive one-third the size of the actual aircraft the replica Airbus A380 has replaced the redundant model of a Concorde airplane which used to adorn the roundabout.

Emirates president Tim Clark told the Daily Mail: "While the previous Concorde model represented the past, our A380 represents the future – and it is a future of cleaner, quieter aircraft."

Taking six months to construct, the model aircraft was flown over from California via Ontario Airport in ten component parts earlier this month and then took 18 days and nights to assemble.

The Airbus model will remain at Heathrow Airport until 2013 as part of a deal arranged between BAA and Emirates.

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