Coventry Airport chief optimistic over terminal

Coventry Airport chief optimistic over terminalChris Orphanou, chief executive of Coventry Airport, is confident that the High Court will rule in favour of expansion plans, the Coventry Telegraph has reported.

Mr Orphanou believes that Coventry Airport will be successful in its bid to construct a new terminal after the government halted plans for the expansion on the decision of a planning inspector.

Mr Orphanou told the Coventry Telegraph: "They said that if Birmingham is so near there was no need for Coventry to exist, but there are lots of examples round the country of neighbouring airports being successful and complementing each other."

According to Mr Orphanou, Coventry Airport’s new terminal would provide a boost to the local economy, and double its amount of passengers per year to two million.

"The expansion of the airport will bring jobs to the area – not just at the airport – it will attract other businesses to the region and will benefit the area economically," Mr Orphanou told the newspaper.

The decision on Coventry Airport’s proposed new terminal will be made early next year due to a summer recess.

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