Drop in number of airport complaints

Drop in number of airport complaintsPassenger satisfaction appears to be increasing as fewer people are complaining about the service they receive at airports, according to reports.

According to the Air Transport Users Council (AUC), the organisation received fewer written complaints from passengers compared to the previous year with figures falling from 3,680 objections to 2,857.

AUC chairman Tina Tietjen said: "It may be more to do with airlines’ customer relations staff getting to grips with (the legislation) and thus being more inclined to give passengers what they are entitled to."

The AUC normally deals with complaints about issues such as flight delays and cancellations which account for the majority of grievances.

"It might also be partly as a result of passengers themselves having a better understanding of their rights and being more successful at resolving their complaints without our help," added Ms Tietjen.

Disabled flyers will be entitled to more help at airports from this month following the introduction of EU legislation.

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