Edinburgh Airport still country’s busiest

Edinburgh Airport still country's busiestEdinburgh Airport announced that it remains the busiest gateway in Scotland following the release of September’s passenger figures.

Airport operator BAA Scotland revealed that Edinburgh Airport saw the most passengers in the country with 823,301 passing through its gates in September, which was a drop of 2.9 per cent on the previous year.

International travel from Edinburgh Airport grew in popularity with a rise of 3.5 per cent while domestic traffic decreased by 7.6 per cent.

Despite respectable figures for the capital’s hub, the rest of Scotland’s airports have seen reduced passenger figures, which has been blamed on the collapse of Zoom Airlines and charter operators Futura and XL.

At Glasgow Airport, passenger numbers fell 11 per cent to 786,273, while Aberdeen Airport also saw fewer passengers in September.

In total, the number of passengers using the country’s three main airports fell, with over 1.9 million passengers using the hubs in September, a drop of 6.6 per cent on the same month last year.

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