Flight simulator installed at Newcastle Airport

Flight simulator installed at Newcastle AirportFlying travelling from Newcastle Airport could get the chance to try out a new flight simulator.

The airport has recently installed the state-of-the-art facility and it is available for people to have a go at controlling an aircraft themselves.

A number of packages are available, including group sessions with a fully qualified controller, where the basics can be mastered and simulator sessions can be tasted.

In addition, the important task of training staff in a realistic manner is another benefit of having the flight simulator equipment.

Peter Snell, airside operations manager, stated: "This is a great opportunity for airport enthusiasts to find out what it is actually like to land an aircraft.

"It also provides us with a great teaching tool for our employees helping maintain Newcastle as a first class airport and further developing our staff’s skills."

Tours of the airport and an insight into the life of an air traffic controller are also possible, along with personal classroom sessions.

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