Stansted Airport ‘operating as normal’

Stansted Airport 'operating as normal'Passengers travelling from Stansted Airport will be reassured to hear that the travel hub is operating as normal.

This is despite the snowfalls and wintry weather that has hit much of the country over the last few days.

Heavy snowfalls and icy conditions have led to a number of airlines cancelling flights and many delays and disruptions at airports around the UK.

Flights were grounded for more than an hour at Manchester Airport over the weekend while snow was cleared.

A spokesperson for Stansted Airport commented that staff would update the hub’s travel information as soon as there were any changes to the current situation.

Passengers were also told to be aware that the Stansted Express is running a reduced service.

The spokesperson also suggested leaving additional time for journeys to and from the airport.

It may also be an idea to stay in an airport hotel near to the travel hub the night before flying as this will stop the weather preventing people from arriving to check-in.

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