Manchester Airport to experience significant expansion

Manchester Airport to experience significant expansionManchester Airport is expected to grow dramatically over the coming decades and will become as busy as Heathrow Airport is today.

The Manchester Evening News reports that forecasts presented to the government’s committee on climate change show that a flight will be arriving or departing every 70 seconds by 2050.

This equates to almost 450,000 take-offs and landings per year, which would significantly drive up demand for Manchester Airport hotels and parking.

Currently, the airport can handle 276,000 flights per year but only runs around 213,000 and this will grow to a maximum capacity of 500,000. Heathrow Airport’s capacity is currently 480,000.

A spokesperson for Manchester Airport told the newspaper: "Aviation holds a key role, not only in providing essential transport links that enable economies to grow, but in bringing important benefits to society, the value of which should not be underestimated."

It is believed that two women became the first to be refused boarding on a flight after they declined to pass through a full body scanner at Manchester Airport in February. One women claimed religious reasons, while the other said the decision was taken because of her health.

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