Travel with a scoot-case

Five Tv’s The Gadget Show have published an article on a concept design for makign travelling round an airport more fun. Introducing the suitcase that converts into a scooter!

The design from Buenas Aires combines a neat suitcase with a queue beating scooter making your travel time around the airport faster but more importantly more fun!
We’re sure it won’t be long before passengers flying from Gatwick and Heathrow Airport will be whizzing around the terminal on these electric powered gizmos.
For information visit The Gadget Show pages at
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One thought on “Travel with a scoot-case

  1. AvatarPaul

    Of course you realize these things will get banned? Having fun & airport simply are not spoken in the same sentence. About the time you make it more efficient and fun, some busy body whose personality defects have been legitimized by a government job, a degree in law, or insurance underwriting will foul it up. Guaranteed.


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