Crabs arrive at Belfast Airport

Crabs arrive at Belfast AirportA passenger at Belfast Airport has been apprehended for carrying live crabs in their luggage.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, a Chinese woman had five of the animals in her suitcase, travellers have been told.

Customs officers from The UK Border Agency stopped the lady, who had the crabs wrapped in black bin bags and tea towels.

The news agency reported that the animals were found in a poor condition when unearthed at the travel hub, after arriving on a flight from China.

Maggie Eyden, who works for the UK Border Agency, said: "Certain goods are restricted or banned completely from entering the UK."

Travellers have been informed that the crabs died despite the best efforts of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to save them.

Furthermore, annual passenger numbers at the airport reached one million in 1969, 1.5 million in 1984 and two million in 1987, according to the airport's website.

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