Cheryl Cole uses royal suite at Heathrow Airport

Cheryl Cole uses royal suite at Heathrow AirportCheryl Cole paid to use a private suite used by the Queen at Heathrow Airport when she took a break in Africa recently.

The singer paid £3,000, which works out at  £1,500 per person, to use the travel hub's royal lounge, which she visited on her return journey from South Africa with dancer Derek Hough.

The Windsor Suite is used by celebrity guests when it is not required by foreign diplomats or dignitaries, senior politicians or the royal family.

"Aside from the private suite used by the Queen and Prince Philip, the Windsor Suite is the most ¬exclusive area of the airport," a source from the travel hub told the Mirror.

The suite can be found near Terminal 5 and comes with its own waiter or waitress.

In addition, fellow X Factor judge Dannii Minogue arrived at Heathrow Airport at the end of last year with her partner, Chris Smith, and young son, Ethan, reported.

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