Heathrow Airport celebrates royal wedding

Heathrow Airport celebrates royal weddingThis weekend's (April 29th) royal wedding is being celebrated at venues around the country, including Heathrow Airport.

The travel hub has fitted red carpets at all four terminals to give a royal welcome to passengers, Skyport-heathrow.co.uk reported. The carpets will be in place between April 27th and 29th for the benefit of the 246,000 travellers who are expected to touch down at the facility in this period.

"As Britain takes centre stage and tens of thousands of visitors descend on London, we want to ensure passengers get to enjoy the royal treatment that VIPs like the Windsor's can typically expect as soon as they step off the plane," Nick Cullen, chief operating officer at the travel hub, said.

Flyers will also be able to try free cups of white earl grey Twinning's tea and will be able to write in a wedding message book for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

In addition, children can also eat for free at various restaurants at Heathrow Airport, such as the Dining Street Restaurant & Bar, during April.

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