Heathrow Airport experiences greater traffic

Heathrow Airport experiences greater trafficHeathrow Airport performed well in the three months leading up to March 31st 2011, data from the travel hub's owner, BAA, has shown.

The facility experienced a growth in traffic, with group passenger traffic increasing by 2.5 per cent to hit 18.7 million.

In addition, the travel hub has had its regulatory period extended to March 2014, an extra year.

Colin Matthews, chief executive officer at BAA, said: "During the first quarter, Heathrow achieved strong service standards including some of the best statistics for departure punctuality in recent years and passengers continue to compare Heathrow favourably with other European hub airports."

However, Mr Matthews said that BAA is still working hard to make the facility the best it can be, with a £5 million investment programme being used to improve airline operations and passenger journeys.

In addition, passengers will also have a smoother journey after Terminal 5C opens this year.

Last month, Heathrow Airport also recorded high levels of punctuality and on Tuesday March 22nd more than 90 per cent of departures left on time.

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