Gatwick Airport gets new Airbus A330

Gatwick Airport gets new Airbus A330Holidaymakers have recently left Gatwick Airport on a new Airbus A330 with Virgin Atlantic.

On May 1st, travellers left the facility with the carrier for Orlando, Florida, marking the first instance of the airline using the plane from the London travel hub.

The plane is the most efficient in its class and a part of Virgin Atlantic's plan to use a lower carbon fleet, as it uses a smaller amount of fuel per seat than the company's A340-300 aircraft.

Passengers on the plane can also choose from more than 300 hours of entertainment, including TV shows, films, games and music.

Corneel Koster, director of operations, safety and security at Virgin Atlantic, said that he was proud that the carrier had been introduced to the fleet.

Travellers can board Virgin Atlantic flights to a number of destinations in the US and the Caribbean, including Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, Antigua and Jamaica.

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