Heathrow Airport finds Albert Einstein’s landing card

Heathrow Airport finds Albert Einstein's landing cardHeathrow Airport has recently made a special find among immigration documents: the landing card used by Albert Einstein when he fled from Nazi tyranny.

Museum curator's looking at the travel hub's archives discovered the document, which charts how the theoretical physicist travelled to Dover from Belgium on May 26th 1933.

The landing card says that Einstein was a professor, as well as a Swiss national, and also displays his signature. On it he said that he was travelling to Oxford.

"Our museum was planning to exhibit the history of immigration so we visited Heathrow Airport to collect relevant documents. There were two big bookcases filled with papers and it was there we found Einstein's document," Lucy Gardner, who works at Merseyside Maritime Museum in Liverpool, where the documents are displayed, said.

She also described the excitement of the team, who were looking for items to include in a new exhibition, when they found the document.

During his lifetime Einstein also travelled to a number of other places, including Singapore, Palestine and Japan.

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