Academic speaks about Manchester Airport study

Academic speaks about Manchester Airport studyA man who has spent more than a year making observations at Manchester Airport has spoken about his findings.

Dr Damian O'Doherty, who works for the University of Manchester, decided to carry out an ethnographic study of the travel hub, reported.

He is looking at how passengers and airport workers behave everyday and the impact that the airport environment has on those who use it and work there.

Dr O'Doherty has now chosen to spend an extra few months on his airport project and travels to the north-west facility several days each week.

He said: "It is the questions of borders and border-crossing that really interests me. Airports occupy and define a whole series of borders. Not simply the borders of a nation state but also borders between the terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. They are where land turns into sky, and man's dream of flight finds realization."

Dr O'Doherty is due to finish his study on June 30th and John Greenway of the Manchester Airports Group said that the airport is looking forward to hearing his findings.

The academic will also have witnessed the culminations of the travel hub's £1.5 million refurbishment, which was completed this year.

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