Edinburgh Airport Youth Games attract competitors

Edinburgh Airport Youth Games attract competitorsSchool pupils from across the Scottish capital this week competed in the Edinburgh Airport Youth Games.

The event, which was held on May 12th, attracted over 1,600 competitors from 42 schools, making it the largest youth games event in the city.

This year, the 12th annual event was held at seven venues throughout the urban area.

It was sponsored by Edinburgh Airport, whose managing director Kevin Brown told The Scotsman that he was pleased to back the event.

The opening ceremony was held at 10:00 BST on the day and sports included gymnastics, golf, football, swimming and climbing.

"The main aim of the youth games is to encourage sporting participation amongst young people of which some may have less of an opportunity to take part in physical activity than others," John Comiskey, Edinburgh Leisure's chief executive, said.

Edinburgh Airport is also helping the local community by sponsoring the Evening News' Best Of…2011 awards, which allow readers of the paper to choose their top takeaway, pub, sport fan, community project, school champion and youth initiative scheme, the news source reported.

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