Manchester Airports Group looks to acquire Stansted

Manchester Airports Group looks to acquire StanstedManchester Airports Group has said that it is looking at buying Stansted Airport, which would see more long-haul carriers being used at the southern hub.

Travel Weekly reported that BAA, who currently owns Stansted, is under order from the Competition Commission to sell the airport along with one of its Scottish bases.

Jonathan Bailey, external affairs director at Manchester Airports Group, told the source: "We will look at the BAA airports. Whether we make a bid is a different question. We would fight hard to win traffic from Heathrow and Gatwick. At Stansted, 70 per cent of traffic is Ryanair and 90 per cent is low-cost."

Mr Bailey went on to say that it is a "big risk" being so dependent on a single operator such as Ryanair, and he confirmed that other long-haul carriers would be brought in to the mix.

Recently, LPL construction and Kier Regional won a deal at Stansted which will see them carrying out work to the value of around £65 million at the hub over the next two years.

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