BAA rejects criticism of snow-closed Heathrow Airport

BAA rejects criticism of snow-closed Heathrow AirportBAA has rejected suggestions in the transport select committee's review that Heathrow Airport has "totally unprepared" to recover from a major incident.

It comes following last winter's snowy conditions which led to the airport being closed and hundreds of flights cancelled.

BAA said that it welcomed the committee's conclusion that the government needs to play a greater role in providing investment and coordination to help the UK transport network stay open during bad spells of weather.

"We welcome the committee’s recommendations concerning improved welfare provision for stranded passengers. We are making progress with Heathrow’s airlines on delivering a better deal for passengers during periods of disruption," said a spokesperson for the company.

The company added that last month it agreed a process with airlines for publishing revised flight schedules in the event of disruption.

Recently, it was announced that Heathrow Airport was planning to invest in underground heating in order to get rid of snow and ice during cold snaps. 

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