An eighth of Brits want to seize the day and go abroad

An eighth of Brits want to seize the day and go abroadA culture of seizing the day has been found among Britons, with one in eight stating that they would rather take a £640 holiday this year than wait five years to take one at a cost of £5,000.

Research from Standard Life, in partnership with, showed the nation's attitudes towards planning for the future.

John Lawson, from Standard Life, said: "Planning five years ahead is something many people find difficult to imagine or do their best to avoid. Our poll shows that some people just seem too impatient to wait for greater rewards in the future, no matter how enticing they are."

However, he advised Brits to be patient and contemplate taking a long-term view on their finances, which might allow them to take a more lavish holiday in the future.

Recently, people looking for holiday destinations were told by the Turkish culture and Tourism Office that a three-day weekend in the country was the ideal way to explore Istanbul.

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