Edinburgh Airport aims to improve efficiency

Edinburgh Airport aims to improve efficiencyEdinburgh Airport is continuing to make improvements to the hub, after opening a new taxiway which will provide an alternative route to stands.

This facility will help to reduce aircraft taxi times, while also cutting on-stand delays during peak times.

Aircraft will now be able to continually move instead of having to hold while waiting for planes to make up ground down the runway.

Furthermore, it will have a positive effect on the environment, with around 300kg less fuel being burnt each day during the summer.

David Lister, airside and autonomy director, said: "The construction of the taxiway has progressed over the last year, and we’re excited that it’s now operational and will contribute to improving on time performance as well as being one of the many initiatives Edinburgh Airport is investigating to reduce our carbon footprint."

Recently, Edinburgh Airport announced that Thomson Airways was introducing flights to Cancun and Florida next year.

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