Travel hubs such as Gatwick Airport could be hit by ash cloud this week

Travel hubs such as Gatwick Airport could be hit by ash cloud this weekTravel hubs in the UK, including Gatwick Airport, could be hit by a volcanic ash cloud this week.

This is according a spokesperson from the Met Office, which operates the UK’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres, who spoke about the eruption of the Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland.

"It depends on how long the volcano continues to erupt and the weather patterns that develop. If it continues to erupt, there is a risk of volcanic ash over Britain later in the week," they said.

However, foreign secretary William Hague said that this new volcanic eruption will not cause the same disruptions to travel as the one in April 2010 did.

According to Mr Hague, the UK now knows more about ash cloud movements, meaning that the chance of a blanket flight ban being imposed is unlikely.

Despite this, the Civil Aviation Authority said that a flight ban will be dependent upon the concentration of ash in UK airspace.

Last year, a number of flights at UK airports were grounded when volcano eruptions occurred in Iceland.

Those who are concerned about travel arrangements being affected by the current eruptions should contact their airline for updates on the situation.

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