Air India changes terminal at Heathrow Airport

Air India changes terminal at Heathrow AirportAir India is set to relocate to Heathrow Airport's Terminal 4 this week (May 25th).

The carrier has used Terminal 3 for over 43 years but will now benefit from being located in the newly refurbished terminal.

Arriving and departing travellers will not be affected by the move, as it will be carried out overnight, allowing them to use Terminal 4 from early on May 25th.

At the new location, passengers travelling with the airline will have a premium lounge, more check-in space, and a larger arrivals area.

"I am delighted that Air India will be flying from the newly refurbished Terminal 4. It means easier journeys and a better airport experience for their passengers," Colin Matthews, BAA's chief executive, said.

In celebration of the move, traditional Indian dress will be worn by staff at the travel hub, who will also welcome holidaymakers in Hindi and with trays of sweets.

Passengers who decide to travel with the airline can reach a number of locations in India, including Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

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