Manchester Airport gets garden-inspired artwork

Manchester Airport gets garden-inspired artworkManchester Airport has decided to display artworks by local school children that were inspired by gardens.

The pieces were influenced by Cheshire Gardens of Distinction, which children from areas including Knutsford and Wythenshawe visited.

Artist Andy Leigh worked alongside the youngsters to help them celebrate the horticultural heritage of the area.

Seven of the 27 pictures produced this year have been displayed in Terminal 3's domestic baggage reclaim area.

Another image has also been delivered and nine more should be during this month and June.

Caroline Hoppe, project manager for Cheshire's Gardens of Distinction at Marketing Cheshire, said that the organisation hopes that the pictures will encourage school children to visit Cheshire's gardens with their families and encourage passengers at Terminal 3 to do the same.

In addition, the Manchester Airports Group has dedicated £9 million to its Arts Sponsorship programme for 2010/11.

The initiative helps people who may otherwise struggle to access various art forms.

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