Glasgow Airport remodels security to cut delays

Glasgow Airport remodels security to cut delaysGlasgow Airport is set to alter its security area to reduce the delays that passengers unaware of restrictions on liquids are causing.

The travel hub made this decision as regulations introduced in 2006 have seen hundreds of containers being confiscated by security staff each day, Scotland On Sunday reported.

Indeed, the facility said that every 24 hours it has to dispose of as many as ten bin bags full of containers.

A trial of a new procedure is currently underway in the search area of the travel hub, with passengers being able to use prep tables where they separate liquids from other items before they go through an x-ray machine.

With this system in place, staff at the travel hub can find unauthorised items prior to passengers getting into the x-ray queue, thus speeding up the process.

Edinburgh Airport is also facing the same issue, having so far this year amassed 5.35 tonnes of containers.

The capital's travel hub aims to improve the information it gives to passengers to alleviate the issue.

In addition, travellers who are planning to use Edinburgh Airport can find out more information about destinations they can travel to and about the facility at its website.

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