Heathrow Airport welcomes Jessie J

Heathrow Airport welcomes Jessie JA number of well-known names have chosen to fly in and out of Heathrow Airport over the years and the latest of them is Jessie J.

The singer was spotted at the travel hub on Wednesday June 1st, where she grinned at waiting photographers after returning from Paris.

She walked through the facility wearing a black t-shirt emblazoned with a white smiley face, a grey top underneath and a black embellished biker jacket for warmth.

Jessie also wore a furry white snood round her neck and a pair of blue jeans, a casual ensemble that may have been intended to keep her comfortable during her flight.

She also accessorised with a brown bag and large hooped earrings.

However, when it came to make-up she kept things minimal, appearing to only be wearing a touch of blusher, a far cry from her usual penchant for beauty products.

Another celebrity who toned down their usual make-up for their flight to Heathrow Airport was Victoria Beckham, who arrived at the travel hub wearing an all black outfit and sunglasses.

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