Manchester Airport introduces ‘groundbreaking’ luggage screening technology

Manchester Airport introduces 'groundbreaking' luggage screening technologyManchester Airport is set to introduce luggage screening technology worth £12 million.

Real Time Tomography (RTT) was first tested by the travel hub in 2009 as one element of its investment programme and the new RTT machines should be fitted in the facility in 2012.

High-resolution X-ray images of passengers' luggage will be produced by the RTT, which will work at faster speeds and be more reliable than other equipment that is available at the present time.

The new technology will be better at finding potential threats to security and will improve the experience of airport customers.The high-speed X-ray technology has been developed by Rapiscan Systems.

Andrew Harrison, managing director of the airport, said: "With its revolutionary design and unprecedented performance, Rapiscan's RTT will help us to maintain our reputation as one of Europe's most passenger friendly airports."

Customers using Manchester Airport can also benefit from booking one of the lounges on offer, such as Escape Lounge T1 or Escape Lounge T2.

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