Gatwick Airport welcomes the Nissan LEAF

Gatwick Airport welcomes the Nissan LEAFGatwick Airport has begun a partnership with the Nissan LEAF.

The collaboration was marked when Stewart Wingate, chief executive officer at the travel hub, drove the vehicle through the check-in at North Terminal.

This was the first time a car – in this case a 100 per cent electric motor – has been operated inside the terminal building.

At the same time, the travel hub has installed eight new charging points for the public, playing its part in supporting the UK's electric vehicles.

Over 12 months, motorists can access the charging points free of charge and can park without paying for as long as four hours while they charge their vehicles.

Mr Wingate said: "We are driving a programme to incentivise the use of cleaner vehicles across the airport community and have set ourselves an ambitious target to push our own use of low emission vehicles to 20 per cent by 2015."

Similarly, Edinburgh Airport has taken steps towards helping the environment.

The travel hub has opened a new taxiway, which will cut aircraft taxi times and on-stand delays, meaning that less fuel is burnt.

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