Heathrow Airport to reduce aircraft noise

Heathrow Airport to reduce aircraft noiseHeathrow Airport has revealed its plan to cut aircraft noise.

Its Noise Action Plan aims to reduce the area of the UK impacted on by noise from the travel hub during the next five years.

The strategy – which has been formulated with the help of feedback from the local population – outlines that the facility will implement 66 actions to handle noise.

"Our progress in meeting these commitments will be independently verified and published so anyone can hold us to account. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the consultation and helped make this a better plan," Terry Morgan, chief operating officer at the airport, said.

The travel hub is working alongside airlines to make sure that only aircraft that are quiet can use the facility.

By 2015, the airport aims to phase out all aircraft that are noisier and older.

Heathrow Airport also made a notable achievement recently, when Tuesday March 22nd became its best ever day in terms of punctual departures.

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