Gatwick Airport gets new easyJet route to Catania

Gatwick Airport gets new easyJet route to CataniaGatwick Airport has been selected by easyJet for a new route to Catania, on the eastern coast of Sicily.

The baroque city is packed with Roman amphitheatres, wide streets and palaces, as well as enjoying warm weather.

Britons who would like to experience some Italian culture this year could head to Gatwick Airport in order to travel on the new route.

People will have a choice of whether to fly on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday and easyJet's UK director Paul Simmons stated that the view of Mount Etna and the nearby nature reserve makes "Catania [ … ] a beautiful holiday destination. The port city offers a variety a leisure and cultural activities with something for everyone – especially with our low value fares".

The airline has also launched new routes to Bologna, Zagreb, Amman and Seville this year.

Other destinations easyJet flies to from Gatwick Airport include Aberdeen, Alicante, Faro, Dubrovnik, Istanbul and Naples – just some of the 92 locations.

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