Board Manchester Airport flights to Munich ‘for the art’

Board Manchester Airport flights to Munich 'for the art'Munich is a city packed with art, people flying to the German destination from Manchester Airport will find.

There could be something for everyone in this cultural destination, with Bavarian State Opera spokeswoman Anna Kleeblatt claiming that individuals "really have to go to Munich because of the art there".

She pointed to BMW World, which offers free entrance and enables car fans to take in the manufacturer's designs, particularly some of the latest models.

The modern art facility Museum of Brandhorst is also open to visitors and has only been in operation for a few weeks.

Meanwhile, holidaymakers can take in the House of Art – otherwise known as the Haus der Kunst – which was built by the Nazis.

"Downstairs, in the basement, they have a new video collection from a private collector and it's fantastic – it's really state of the art," she enthused.

Manchester Airport offers a number of daily flights to Munich, with airlines including Lufthansa, easyJet and Singapore Airlines.

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