Ten Celebrities Behaving Badly on Planes

Celebrities: love them or hate them, they’re big news. We’re hungry to hear about all them and many a fast buck is made from the news of their latest exploits – the more salacious, the better.

I’m not a good flyer, it’s not the fear of a plane crash, it’s the claustrophobic surroundings and the worry of what the other passengers might do…

Flying can do funny things to even the most balanced of temperaments. Here is a selection of ten cases of celebrities behaving badly on planes.

Gerard Depardieu

In August the famed French movie star suffered alleged prostate problems while on board a CityJet flight approaching takeoff. His desperation to relieve himself was barred by flight attendants resulting in Depardieu’s attempt to use his Evian bottle as a suitable receptacle. Unfortunately for him and his co-passengers, urine sprayed liberally over the carpets and caused a two hour delay while it had to be cleaned. Depardieu and his entourage were told to leave the plane.

Gerard Depardieu behaving badly


The Hoff

Sometimes known as David Hasselhoff, the former Knight Rider and Baywatch star made a drunken scene in a British Airways lounge in 2006. A Heathrow Airport shop manageress was quoted as saying the actor was incoherently mumbling self-pitying words while also trying to date her. The Hoff’s PR team passed the incident off as a regrettable reaction to antibiotics.

David Hasslehoff beahving badly

‘Bird with a Long Neck’

Unpredictable model, Naomi Campbell is no stranger to controversy. Her violent outbursts are infamous and, although she ascribes them to ‘abandonment issues’, there really is no excuse for her actions. Some missing luggage was the spark to an assault she conducted against two police officers on a plane at Heathrow. Spitting and aggressive use of stilettos were the star’s weapons of choice. The foulmouthed woman also accused the captain of racism. You would think by now she would have had some therapy. It’s very fashionable nowadays they say.

Naomi Campbell behaving badly

Peter Buck (REM guitarist)

April 21st 2001 saw Buck causing havoc on a transatlantic flight from Seattle to London. During the flight bound for Heathrow – it always seems to be there, doesn’t it – the drunken musician knocked over a meal tray, reached for a knife and verbally abused the captain. An air stewardess testified saying, ‘I was scared to death’ [that he might stab someone]. His tirade of foul language ended with him screaming ‘I am REM’. Well, that won’t work anymore, will it? Read more.

Peter Buck behaving badly

Vinnie Jones

Former football hero and modern day action movie star, Vinnie Jones got himself arrested following an incident on a Virgin Atlantic flight heading to – yes, you’ve guessed it – Heathrow. After a fellow passenger requested that the drunken Jones calm himself down had the opposite affect that lead to threats against the man and anyone else who attempted to settle the situation. Jones was ordered by the court to pay the man £3000 and carry out 80 hours of community service.

Vinnie Jones behaving badly

Ivana Trump

Filing for divorce from your fourth husband then boarding a flight which happens to have excitable children on board was a recipe for disaster for Trump. Unusually the flight was an internal one and not bound for Heathrow. She hurled foul and aggressive abuse at the kids and, after not leaving the plane voluntarily when asked by the crew she had to be escorted off. No charges were filed.

|rvana trump behaving badly

Josh Duhamel

Former model and Transformers movie star, Josh got himself into hot water with a flight attendant when he refused to turn off his BlackBerry. If it had occurred in October 2011 rather than December 2010 he might have been forgiven for puzzlement over why his BBM wasn’t working. As it transpired Duhamel began taunting the stewardess and was removed from the flight.

Josh Duhamel behaving badly


Mrs Josh Duhamel has also had her card marked by the authorities. Virgin Atlantic commented on her denial of flight with this ‘We can confirm a female passenger was denied from boarding as she appeared intoxicated and was therefore unsuitable for travel.’ Yep, the lady was sloshed. Classy.

Fergie behaving badly

Christian Slater

Popular, versatile actor, Slater got himself into trouble in 1994 (three years after his fanboy cameo in Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country). He didn’t get as far as take-off however on the grounds that he had something unsuitable in his luggage. The item in question was an unlicensed 9mm handgun. Go figure.

Christian Slater behaving badly

And finally…

Leisha Hailey

Most would say that Slater’s handgun was unacceptable and he deserved his punishment (even though it was only three days of community service). Others may wonder whether throwing lesbian series ‘The L Word’ star Leisha Hailey off a flight for ‘excessive’ kissing of her female friend was a touch extreme.

Leisha Hailey behaving badly

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