The world’s best airlines for in-flight entertainment

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We’ve all been there – faced with similar priced flights from different carriers to your destination, so how do we choose which flight to book? If it’s a lengthy flight, you might want to make your choice based on the reputation of the in-flight entertainment. For some of us, it’s one of the only chances we get to watch films or TV and a good opportunity to catch up on the latest releases. Here are our top picks for best in-flight entertainment:

1. Qantas A380

It’s difficult to find a more comprehensive catalogue of popular film, TV, documentaries and music than Qantas’ A380 fleet – for long-haul flights there’s nothing better than watching a huge slab of a new TV series, or knocking off a few of Best Picture Oscar winning films to while away the time. You can also browse Lonely Planet guides to your destination, and selected flights from Sydney and Melbourne to LA are currently being trialled for WiFi access. (Non-A380 flights have an excellent offering too)

2. Emirates

A consistent winner of awards, the Emirates in-flight system – known as ice Digital Widescreen – has 1400+ channels of entertainment, including cinema from all over the world, games and BBC news. The entire A380 fleet has phone, SMS and email available on all flights.

3. Singapore Airlines

Perennially a popular choice of airline, Singapore Airlines has over 80 on-demand films, with a range of new releases, classics, world cinema and popular TV shows. Many flights now allow you to connect your iPod, iPhone, USB or portable players and enjoy your personal selection. Genius.

4. Turkish Airlines

With nearly 350 films and shorter programmes, Turkish Airlines’ categories include latest releases, classics, drama, romance, comedy, international, as well as special interest programmes and around 600 music albums. A children’s channel and audiobook channel are also available.

5. Qatar Airways

Their films have such unusual categories as A Celebration of Sport, and Modern Greats, alongside a selection of Recent Releases, Premiere films, Classic Hollywood, World Cinema and Arabic Cinema. There is also a wide range of TV, including Hindi, Arabic, World and Sport.

Who gets your vote for best in-flight entertainment? Which airlines have the worst entertainment?

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