6 reasons to visit Australia in winter

Travelling to Australia in winter time
6 of the best reasons to do so

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Why would you travel to the Land Down Under, famous for beaches, sunshine and the outdoors when it’s cold? You might not suspect it – it’s hardly the obvious choice – but actually, Australia has a lot to offer when it’s colder – here are a few reasons to travel there during cooler months:
Ski fields
While snowfall can be unreliable, snow does indeed fall in Australia. And when it doesn’t snow naturally, artificial snow is produced to make up the shortfall. Mt Hotham, Perisher and Mt Kosciusko are some of the well-regarded ski resorts that feature all kinds of winter sports, from snowboarding to luge.
In the northern parts of Australia, weather simply becomes less humid and cooler, but is still pleasantly warm. In Queensland, the average daily maximum temperature is 20 degrees Celcius. For those who like to avoid truly scorching heat or steamy humidity, this is a viable option to still enjoy the great outdoors in comfort.

[photo by Alex E. Proimos]
Australia has a vivid and energetic cultural scene, with a great array of visual art, museums, performance, design and music. The cooler months are an ideal time to spend days wandering around galleries, sitting in theatres or listening to bands.
Food and drink
When it’s cold there’s nothing better than a good meal and a few drinks. Australia takes great pride in its food, and from the smallest independent café to the most-awarded fine dining restaurants, you’ll find variety, technique, fresh produce, expertise and pleasure. Just don’t get into an argument about whether Sydney or Melbourne has better coffee, because you’ll be there all day.
Winter is when the football season is on: all of them. Rugby Union, Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Soccer… every weekend brings fresh excitement for fans. For reference, Aussie Rules (AFL) is most popular in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, while Rugby League is more of a Sydney and Brisbane game (but sport is sport, and sport is popular wherever you go).
Winter is a great time to hit the outback. With clear, crisp skies and cold, starry nights it can be a magical experience. It’s a good time of year to go bushwalking – without the baking sun, it can be far more comfortable, plus winter means fewer creepy crawlies.
Plus, since it’s the low season, travel and accommodation is cheaper and there are fewer tourists. So now you know the other perks, what’s stopping you? Winter in Australia is June, July and August.

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