10 Winter Driving Tips

If you’re driving to the airport to jet away this Winter follow our 10 tips for a stress free trip  and don’t let the cold weather ruin the start of your holiday.

  1. Ensure you have de-icer or an ice scraper and allow plenty of time to clear the windscreen
  2. Check your anti-freeze levels and top up if necessary
  3. Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated for winter driving and the tread is sufficient to give the car grip on slippery roads.
  4. Check your battery is holding its charge and replace if necessary. Car batteries tend have to work harder in the winter.
  5. Ensure you can be seen on a murky winter day by making sure all your lights are  clean and working including headlights, brake and fog lamps. Replace any faulty bulbs.
  6. Make sure you have good visibility and your wiper blades do their job. You should check your air-con and heated windows (if you have them) effectively demist.
  7. Check oil levels and although it sounds like an easy one, make sure you’ve got enough fuel to make the journey to the airport.
  8. Charge your mobile phone fully and make sure you have the number for your breakdown cover company stored in your phone with your membership details.
  9. Prepare an emergency kit in case you get stranded (warm clothing, blankets, water, snacks etc.)
  10. Finally, drive carefully and make sure you leave home with plenty of time to spare. Winter traffic is notoriously slow and you wouldn’t want a last minute panic.


Early Check-in?
Don’t let winter traffic chaos ruin the start of your holiday and make you miss your flight. Book an airport hotel and start your holiday a day early. Relax and sleep sound in the knowledge that you are just minutes away from the airport and get up to 21 days holiday parking included.

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2 thoughts on “10 Winter Driving Tips

  1. AvatarChris Stillwell

    Some nice tips Graham, The RAC shared an interesting tip with us over at Confused:

    If you’re looking to prevent frozen car doors, Simon Williams from the RAC recommends spraying furniture polish on a cloth and wiping it around the rubber seals for an added film of protection.
    If you do need some extra elbow grease, use lukewarm water to de-ice your car.

  2. Avatarsnow removal st louis

    Here is my process for de-icing my windows:
    Start your car and crank the defrost and heat.Next, warm up some water on the stove and then add two cups of salt and stir. Pour the hot saltwater over the windows’ exteriors. This will have the effect of warming up the glass as well as melting the ice. Work in small sections and soak up the excess water immediately with a towel. You may be left with a very thin layer of ice. Scrape the rest off with ease!
    Be careful when applying hot water to your windows. If you dump buckets of water on the windows and ignore the towel, you can easily freeze your doors and other mechanisms. Respect saltwater as the powerful tool it is and be patient.


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